Compilation of Tributes to Baa

Dear Devotees,

Jai Shri Krishna!

We thank you for your outpouring of Loving prayers in tribute to our Pujya Baa (Matushree Lakshmiben Vrajlal Oza).

As we are in the process of compiling a Memorial Video of Pujya Baa, We welcome all your messages, photos, video clips and footage from the various prayer sessions you have all gathered together and conducted with such grace.

We wish to request that you share this footage with us in the highest resolution available to you. and as such, what's app quality will not suffice.

How to Share :
You may send via any of these three methods:
1. upload your event photos and clips onto a Google Drive and share the link with us;
2. Upload the original files into Dropbox and share with us , or
3. Email us the individual files and clips.

Whom to Send to:
2. Directly email :,,,

Any questions,

kindly contact Jugalbhai Joshi
M: +91 98206 56464 /

Thanking You,
In Seva,



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  • Shri Rajesh Purohit says:

    I wish to share my condolences with the Oza Parivaar and Bhaishree who truly extends his Prēm through the recitation of the Bhagavatām. Pujya Baa was a women who portrayed Bhakti and Shakti alike. Pujya Baa will be missed but as she left us singing Hari Naam; we shall continue singing Bhajan with the memory of Baa. As we continue to listen to Bhaishree's teaching and honestly believe that each Katha will have Pujya Baa's blessings. I wish Baa all the Param Shanti and Pujya Baa really showed and portrayed the true Shakti of women. As Pujya Baa left us reciting 'Mohan Maro Aave Che' it will truly be a Bhajan that recides in all our hearts dearly. Shri Rajesh Purohit (Wakefield, England)

  • Tansukh, Sarla and Rajesh Ganatra says:

    We will miss Baa's gentle smile and warmth that she always extended to us. She was a very graceful lady and she will be sorely missed. God needed a nice human being in His kingdom and she was the chosen one. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Tansukh, Sarla and Rajesh Ganatra Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.

  • DR.RAJESH.K.DAVE says:

    ॥ ૐ નમ:શિવાય ॥ (રજીસ્ટ્રેશન નંબર એ. ૯૬૧ અમરેલી તા.૮/૪/૮૨, સ્થાપના તા.૭/૧૧/૧૯૬૩) સમસ્ત બ્રહ્મસમાજ – ધારી ધારી - ૩૬૫ ૬૪૦, જી.અમરેલી. રાજેશભાઈ.કે.દવે  રાહુલભાઈ.એન.જોષી પ્રમુખ  મંત્રી                   રાજેશભાઈ.કે.દવે  રાહુલભાઈ.એન.જોષી પ્રમુખ  મંત્રી 