Jigyasa: Your Questions Answered

Why did God create us? When and why was this drop (Atma) separated from the Sea (Parmatma)?

There are many different opinions about the creation of the universe. Shunyavad, Aarambhvaad etc. According to Vaishnavism and Shrimad Bhagwat in the beginning there was only one Brahman and no other entity. It wished (willed) to become many. "Ekoham bahusyaam." I am one, let me be many. Brahman took up many forms, which we know today as this universe. Thus by God's will alone, this universe is created, sustained and dissolved in the end.

"Yato vaa imani bhutaani jaayante
Yena jaataani jeevanti,
Yat prayantyabhisamvishanti
Tat vijigyasasva Tad Brahma."

That, by which all these creatures and inanimate objects are created, by whom all living creatures are created, all beings sustained and in whom everything gets dissolved, develop a wish to know that. That alone is Brahma.

Plato too says, "Before an object is created, its thought is born." Before a table is made, its thought or idea takes shape in the carpenters mind. Hence the universe begins with its thought. It also means that with the end of thought the universe also ends. Hence if you attain a state of thoughtlessness, or Samaadhi, your world gets dissolved or submerged. Hence in our scriptures, this state of thoughtlessness or samaadhi is described as being a kind of Pralaya.


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