प्रभु के प्रति अनन्यभाव से समर्पित भक्त को न भय है न चिंता । प्रभु (परम अस्तित्व) से प्रेम रखनेवाले भक्त का कमी अहित नहीं हो सक्ता ।

Prabhu ke prati ananyabhāv se samarpit bhakta ko na bhay hai na cintā. Prabhu (param astitva) se prem rakhnevāle bhakta kā kabhī ahit nahīn ho saktā.

A devotee exclusively devoted to God has no fear nor worry. No harm can ever happen to a devotee who loves God (the Supreme Existence).

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Pujya Bhaishri

There are very few people in this world whose very being is dedicated to spreading love, faith, and unity with a view to mould an ideal society. They are the enlightened ones, whose very presence fills our lives with meaning. Pujya Bhaishri Shri Rameshbhai Oza (lovingly addressed as Pujya Bhaishri) is one of them.


Why are Lord Shankar and Parvati considered as the ideal couple? We see many women observing fasts to worship Maa Parvati. I have heard that Parvatiji is the luckiest lady on earth as she is beloved to Lord Shiv. What does all this mean?

In Gujarati weddings, I have seen that when the wedding rituals have taken place and the bride and groom have been declared husband and wife, the other married ladies will whisper in the ears of the newly married couple,”Shiv Parvati nu saubhāgya“, meaning, may you be as successful as Lord Shiv and Parvati in your…

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A Gopi possesses a deeply loyal sense of belonging towards her Lord. Devotees are protected from the faults of ego… t.co/05Q4kcQRmR

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गोपी में अपने प्रभुके प्रति अनन्यता युक्त ममता है। दर्प (अभिमान) और कंदर्प (काम वासना) से भक्तों की रक्षा भानुसुता… t.co/uYP7RaWdrq

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“तेरे शहर के कारीगर बड़े अजीब हैं ऐ दिल, काँच की मरम्मत करते हैं, पत्थर के औज़ारों से!”