Sandipani Manidweep Sanskrit Mahavidyalay

Sandipani Manidweep was inaugurated on June 12, 2016, in Rajkot, Gujarat, by Pujya Bhaishri and other dignitaries. The Manidweep Trust requested Pujya Bhaishri to use these premises and the temple located on the outskirts of Rajkot as they remained unused and no one was visiting the temple.

Thus, it was decided to add another branch of Sandipani Rishikul here as a means to maintain and expand the Rishi culture and values and therefore provide educated and virtuous citizens to the country.

Sandipani Manidweep Sanskrit Mahavidyalay in Rajkot

The school is run through generous donations and is free to attend for students. It is run in a similar manner to Sandipani Vidyaniketan Rishikul in Porbandar so that students not only gain the Vedic and Sanskrit education required, but also management and leadership skills. The motto remains the same:

Gyānārtha Pravesh, Sevārtha Prasthān”

Sandipani Manidweep currently provides education to more than 60 students for Standard 9 and 10. In the next two years, Manidweep will begin to provide education for standard 11 and 12. For further studies up to a Master’s degree,  students proceed to Sandipani Vidyaniketan at Porbandar as these facilities are not available currently at Sandipani Manidweep. The number of students is planned to increase to one hundred by 2019. The facility at Manidweep should increase the number of students proceeding to their Master’s degree at Porbandar.

Life at Manidweep

Like Sandipani Vidyaniketan in Porbandar, Rishikumars at Sandipani Manidweep lead a very austere life and adopt an extremely simple way of living with no special attachments for material requirements. They are totally dependent on themselves and are absolutely self-reliant in executing their daily routines, under the supervision of the housemaster, who is solely responsible for their wellbeing and upbringing.  This family environment brings harmony, moving ahead to achieve the common goal of preparing themselves to serve humanity. 

The Rishikumars are well brought up in an environment that is conducive to both their physical and mental growth. Each day is filled with activities that challenge them, helping them develop their talents.

The Rishikumars adopt a well chalked out routine for the entire day commencing which is an organised schedule of timed events as shown below:

The syllabus followed at Sandipani Manidweep includes the following:

  • Sanskrit Vyākaranam (grammar)
  • Paurohityam (religious studies)
  • Kāvyam (poetry and the arts)
  • Sāmājik Vigyān (Social Science)
  • Science and Technology
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Computer Sciences
  • Gujarati (language)
  • Biology

The principals at Sandipani Manidweep Sanskrit Mahavidyalay are:

  • Shri Dhavalbhai Joshi – M.A. (Acharya) B.Ed.
  • Shri Vanrajbhai Joshi – M.A. (Acharya) B.Ed.

Students of Sandipani Manidweep performing Sandhya (prayers)

Join us in the Seva Yagya at Sandipani Manidweep

The costs of running Sandipani Manidweep are presented in the table below where support is accepted by the Trust:

Type of Seva Cost (Rupees)
One-time lunch with sweet course (for all students) INR. 5,100
One-time lunch only (for all students) INR. 3,500
One-time Snacks (for all students) INR. 2,100
One-time milk (for all students) INR. 1,100
Food for the entire day (for all students) INR. 8,100
1 Rishikumar for 1 year INR. 21,000
1 Rishikumar for 10 years INR. 200,000

Sandipani Manidweep residential school provides free education, accommodation, uniforms and food.

All are welcome to support us in this Seva Yagya online or contact Shri Bipinbhai Joshi: +91 909 996 6259 for further information.