Rishikumars at Sandipani Vidyaniketan lead a very austere life and adopt an extremely simple way of living with no special attachments for material requirements. They are totally dependent on themselves and self-reliant in executing their daily routines, under the supervision of the housemaster, who is solely responsible for their wellbeing and upbringing. 

It is like a large family living together harmoniously, on the move to achieve the common goal of preparing themselves to serve humanity.

The Rishikumars are well brought up in an environment that is conducive to both their physical and mental growth. Each day is filled with activities that challenge them, helping them develop their talents. An organised schedule of timed events of their typical day is shown below:

Daily Schedule

The uniform comprises of a comfortable, traditional Indian dress of white kurta and dhoti with an orange upavastra. The students adorn their forehead with a paste made from chandan and kumkum called tilak.

At Sandipani Rishikul, the philosophy of service is embedded into the teaching process in a way that prepares the graduate from the institute to have a mind-set of spreading the divine message.

The students of Sandipani are ambassadors of the Indian culture and their aim is to go into social communities and contribute to its progress. It is not only academic knowledge that drives the Sandipani Rishikumars, but also the immense practical exposure to serving humanity as they learn from their experiences while they grow at the Vidyaniketan. Service isn’t a special way of behaving; it is the regular conduct of the Rishikumars to volunteer to offer help to whosoever requires it.

The skills the Rishikumars gain are further enhanced through various extra-curricular activities and management of events and festivals at Sandipani.

With Pujya Bhaishri as their mentor, Rishikumars are exposed to excellent guidance during their time of education at Sandipani. Just as Pujya Bhaishri influences millions of devotees in understanding The Supreme Essence, he has also been instrumental in invoking faith for the Almighty in the minds of his students at the Vidyaniketan.