While life at Sandipani Rishikul is of utmost discipline and self-reliant, Rishikumars are well taken care of and provided with basic facilities free of charge which include:

Airy rooms in a natural environment with bed and bedding, settee, cupboard, shoe rack and mirror.

Seasonal, healthy food is made with a variety of menus, including Indian desserts at least four times a week and pure milk from the Gaushala at Sandipani.

Mineral water is provided when there is shortage of water.

New uniforms twice a year during Navratri and Patotsav events.

30 computers in a computer laboratory.

Library which not only contains books related to their studies, but also, other books of their choice, newspapers and appropriate magazines to keep up to date with current issues, news and history.

Music school with various instruments.

  • Telephone facilities to be able to call their family.
  • Barber
  • Laundrette should the Rishikumars want to use this service.
  • Medical – a small medicine dispensary is available for minor ailments from which medicines are provided free of charge. Herbal remedies are provided in the winter and rainy seasons to prevent Rishikumars from catching any diseases.