Development of life skills is important for the holistic development of every child who will be facing an unknown, unpredictable and dynamic future.

Our wide range of activities in the areas of Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Sports, outdoor and indoor games, and socially useful skills enable us to develop the required skills in our students.

• Students can join weekly clubs such as maths, sports, karate, debate, public-speaking, science and nature, Art & Craft, dance and drama to provide opportunities to specialise in activities they enjoy.

• Club activities provide avenues of self-identity and self-assessment with a view to developing innate skills and motivation for learning various physical, psychological, ethical, academic, social and cultural values.

Gurukul Students displaying their karate skills during the Sandipani Annual Function, 2016

Sports competition amongst the houses during the Annual Function, 2017.

Trophies to award during the Annual Gurukul Function

Interhouse Activities:

Co-curricular activities provide students with an opportunity to develop particular skills such as effective time management and brings out their hidden talents.

• Interhouse activities are conducted every Wednesday.

• Gurukul is divided into four houses: Gandhi, Nehru, Tilak and Tagore.

• Each student is allocated to one house under the supervision of a house master.

• The house system fosters a spirit of co-operation and healthy competition.

• By being a member of the house, students and teachers are encouraged to foster team spirit.

• All houses have the opportunity to earn house points by participating in various activities throughout the year.

• A winning house trophy is then awarded in the Gurukul Annual function.


• Exhibitions provide a platform to bring forward the creativity and talent of children.

• Theme-based exhibitions are organised during the year in our Gurukul.

• The main objective of the exhibitions is to encourage students to think outside the box and develop communication, public-speaking, teamwork and research skills.

• Exhibitions bring togetherness amongst teachers and students.

Art Exhibition during the Annual Function, 2016

Gurukul Students singing patriotic songs during Independence day of India

National and cultural festivities

• All National and cultural festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Navratri and Shri Hari Mandir Patosav are celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students.

• During Patotsav, students perform plays, music and dance performances showcasing their talents and progress in various streams of Art.

• Hostel students participate in all the festivals celebrated at Shri Hari Mandir remaining close to the Indian culture and tradition.