Sandipani Vidyaniketan contains a divine Yagyashala consisting of nine sacrificial altars (nav kundi) in which Yagyas, a fire sacrifice ceremony, are conducted regularly.

Performing a Yagya is one of the oldest rites in the Hindu culture. A Yagya is carried out to purify our mind and actions and seek blessings from God. This is done by chanting mantras and making offerings to God through the holy fire. 

Sandipani Yagyashala Outside

Sandipani Rishikumars Performing a Yagya

The Yagyashala is used daily during term time to educate Rishikumars on how to perform various types of Yagya and be proficient in reciting mantras.

Yagyas are also conducted during various events such as Sunderkand Yagya during Navratri Anushthan, Raksha Bandhan, Hanumant Yagya, Rudra Yagya etc dedicated to a particular deity in Shri Hari Mandir every year during Patotsav.

Sandipani Yagyashala Inside