Shri Bharatiya Sanskruti Samvardhak Trust (SBSST)

Founded in April 1984, the Trust was responsible for building Sandipani Vidyaniketan and now manages its entire operation.

The objectives of the Trust are:

  • To support philosophical, spiritual, Vedic and cultural institutions.
  • Run Sanskrit schools, colleges, and camps, which impart education in Sanskrit language and literature and preserve the Indian heritage.
  • To provide relief in natural calamities.
  • To provide medical relief.

Sandipani Vidyaniketan, educational institution, managed by SBSST

“Serving society without any desire for personal gain and with a strong sense of commitment facilitates our own wellbeing,” says Pujya Bhaishri. So, apart from building and running Sandipani Vidyaniketan, the Trust has contributed immensely to the field of education, in providing medical relief and humanitarian aid during natural calamities.

Examples of humanitarian aid rendered during calamities are:

  • Latur earthquake of 1993
  • Orissa cyclone of 1999
  • Gujarat earthquake of 2001
  • Gujarat flood victims in 2005

Besides immediate and short-term relief to victims of natural disasters, long term assistance was rendered including re-building villages, schools, temples and other facilities.

Madhavnagar town in Kutchh, built after the earthquake in 2001

The Trust also organizes medical camps at Sandipani Vidyaniketan such as, eye, cataract, polio, leprosy, cerebral palsy, diabetes, hard of hearing and speaking, dental and acupressure.

In these camps patients are first diagnosed and then appropriately treated for the ailment, which may even require surgery. The surgeries are carried out in a hospital in Porbandar or patients are sent to a nearby city for treatment under complete medical supervision. Over 1,000 patients are treated every year at no cost.

Find out more about the Humanitarian projects undertaken, here.

The Trust is run through donations. Pujya Bhaishri donates immensely and continuously to this Trust by giving the all offerings received from organizers and devotees during Kathas and discourses held in India and abroad.

Sat Sahitya Prakashan Trust (SSPT)

Pujya Bhaishri set up the ‘Sat Sahitya Prakashan Trust’ in December 1986 to help spread devotional, cultural and spiritual teachings. The trust, a non-profit organization, publishes books, periodicals, MP3s, Pen drive, DVDs and CDs which contain teachings from Katha, entire Kathas by Pujya Bhaishri, bhajans and kirtan.

Tatva Darshan, is a periodical published in Hindi and Gujarati, that carries the philosophical teachings of Pujya Bhaishri, great saints and literary scholars. It also enlists the activities of Pujya Bhaishri and other Trusts under his inspiration.

To view the various publications that are being produced please visit the Publications section of the website.

Vaishvik Sanskruti Parivar (VSP) – The International Family

Pujya Bhaishri’s charisma and teachings have inspired many people. Sanskruti Parivars have been constituted by his followers in multiple countries. In November 1999, a trust was formally formed, known as Vaishvik Sanskruti Parivar. The Parivar is now the guiding body for all Parivars across the world.

Some of the activities of the Parivars include:

  • Organizing Satsang gatherings once or twice a month in which devotional teachings from Bhagavat, Ramayan and Gita are shared.
  • Conducting medical relief camps.
  • Granting scholarships to students.
  • Organizing Pujya Bhaishri’s Kathas and Yatras at places of pilgrimage.
Key achievements of the Parivar include:
  • Organization of a number of pilgrimages including: Gangotri, Vraj Parikrama, Panch Jyotirling Yatra, Vaishnodevi, Kailash Mansarovar, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Chitrakoot.
  • Continues to organise Sant Milan Samaroh every year on Pujya Bhaishri’s birthday, 31st August.
  • Organised the All India Blood Donation Drive to mark Pujya Bhaishri’s 50th birthday celebrations and collected over 5,100 units of blood in over 25 cities across India. Thousands of trees were planted and various medical camps were also organized as a part of the celebrations.
  • Organisation of a number Gita Gyan Yagyas.

All members of the Vaishvik Sanskruti Parivar follow a simple motto provided by Pujya Bhaishri:

Restraint of the senses + Equality/no discrimination + Service to the society and others = Devotion and Dedication.

Vraj Bhagirathi Charitable Trust (VBCT)

Vraj Bhagirathi Charitable Trust (VBCT) led by Pujya Bhaishri was established in 1994 to promote education in rural areas.

Pujya Bhaishri believes “Vidyaamrutmashnuate” that through education one can have all happiness in life. He also believes that an educated person is a valuable asset to the society as they can contribute to the development of the nation. True to his belief Sandipani Vidyaniketan in Porbandar stands as a testimony to his commitment to promoting education. 

VBCT was responsible for building Devka Vidyapeeth school and college educational facility for the benefit of the underprivileged. It is spread over 20 acres of land with modern infrastructure and facilities for over 425 children. It provides the children of Devka and nearby villages the opportunity to pursue primary, secondary and college level education. 

Devka Vidyapeeth Educational Institution

Sanskruti Foundation India

Inspired and guided by Pujya Bhaishri, devotees set up Sanskruti Foundation in India in 1989, in the UK in 1990 and in the USA in 1994. The foundations aim to spread Hindu culture among people all over the world and are also involved in serving society.

Among its many endeavors are:

  • Creating awareness of the spiritual teachings of Pujya Bhaishri.
  • Distributing periodicals and publications of Pujya Bhaishri.
  • Assisting relief projects in India.
  • Advancement and propagation of education.

Lead by dedicated Trustees, Sanskruti Foundation India supports the endeavors of Shri Bharatiya Sanskruti Samvardhak Trust since their inception.

International Community of Support

With Pujya Bhaishri’s inspiration and leadership, Sanskruti Foundation was set up in the USA and the UK to support the cultural and humanitarian work in India that Pujya Bhaishri leads. In addition, they distribute/sell many publications produced by SSPT.

Sanskruti Foundation UK

With Pujya Bhaishri’s inspiration and leadership, Sanskruti Foundation was set up in the USA and the UK to support the cultural and humanitarian work in India that Pujya Bhaishri leads. In addition, they distribute/sell many publications produced by SSPT.

Inspired and guided by Pujya Bhaishri, a group of dedicated volunteers set up Sanskruti Foundation in the UK in 1990 with the aim to spread Indian culture among people in the UK and Europe and support the cultural and humanitarian activities of Shri Bharatiya Sanskruti Samvardhak Trust.

Since its inception, SF-UK has:

  • Organised or assisted with Pujya Bhaishri’s UK and Europe tours.
  • Developed and fostered a dedicated team of youths who engage in satsang and seva, particularly during Pujya Bhaishri’s UK visits.
  • Been responsible for the sale and distribition of CDs, DVDs  and publications during Pujya Bhaishri’s UK tours.
  • Raised awareness of major events at Sandipani Vidyaniketan, such as the annual Shri Hari Mandir Patotsav, annual Navratri Anushthan and other festivals. 
  • Assisted in the planning of bespoke Kathas hosted at Sandipani by families from overseas.
  • Worked closely with spiritual and cultural organisations in the UK in promoting the message and vision of Pujya Bhaishri and generating awareness of Sandipani Vidyaniketan.
  • Distribution/sale of the periodical Tatva Darshan in UK and Europe.

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam discourse organized by SF-UK in 2012 during Pujya Bhaishri’s UK Tour.

Contact details for Sanskruti Foundation UK:

Sanskruti Foundation UK
10 Cowbridge Road,
Harrow, Middlesex,
HA3 9QA,
United Kingdom
Tel: +(44) 7801 803555

Sanskruti Foundation USA

Sanskruti Foundation USA is a Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. It also supports the ideals of Shri Bharatiya Sanskruti Samvardhak Trust in India.

The specific purpose of this charitable institution is to collect, send and distribute financial aid as well as food supplies, new and used clothes and books, medical equipment and the like to and otherwise assist the poor, ill, destitute, and needy.

Such aid may be sent directly to existing non-profit charitable organizations, including but not limited to orphanages, hospitals, disaster relief foundations, educational funds for the poor and like, irrespective of caste, religion, creed, sex or colour.

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam discourse organized by SF-UK in 2012 during Pujya Bhaishri’s UK Tour.

Contact Details for Sanskruti Foundation USA:

Head Office:

Sanskruti Foundation USA
c/o Mr. Mihir Mody
6808 Hornwood Dr.
Houston, TX   77074
PH: (713) 933-0750




Sanskruti Foundation USA
c/o Mr. Ramanik Patel
805 Clonmel Drive
Matthews, NC 28104
PH: + 1 336 428 7776

Vidya Vikas Charitable Trust

Vidya Vikas Charitable Trust was established in 2001 in New Jersey, USA, under the guidance of Pujya Bhaishri. It supports education of the underprivileged and destitute in rural areas by augmenting funds for start-up schools that lack sponsors and also helps other organizations which are focused on providing education to the needy students in India.

Over a period of 14 years from 2003 – 2016, VVCT has funded numerous projects with over US $1.3million across several schools in rural India including Devka Vidyapeeth and Sandipani Saputara School.

To learn more about VVCT please visit

     Sandipani Saputara Secondary School in Saputara village