Extra-Curricular Activities and Facilities

The extra-curricular activities are similar to those at Sandipani Vidyaniketan, Porbandar, but on a smaller scale. Sandipani Manidweep also involves the people of Rajkot in many activities such as participating in the regular musical recitation of Sunderkand from Shri Ram Charit Manas with the Rishikumars of Sandipani Manidweep.

Music Classes at Sandipani Manidweep

Sandipani Manidweep Rishikumars playing cricket

Surya Namaskar (Worshipping the Sun God) by Rishikumars at Sandipani Manidweep

Computing Studies at Sandipani Manidweep

Manidweep is recently teaching Sanskrit to the general public on a Sunday. There is no age limit on attending this and it is open to all over the age of 8.

Apart from classrooms, Rishikumars also have access to a food hall and a library and live in a hostel within the Vidyalay in airy rooms with all the required amenities.

Rishikumars studying at Sandipani Manidweep

Sandipani Manidweep Rishikumars served meals in the food hall

Rishikumars at Sandipani Manidweep are taught management skills by appointing them as leaders in events organised at Manidweep and oversee various tasks within the Rishikul such as the food hall, office, cleaning, prayers, granary, water facilities, sports, library, medical, electricity and many others.

The hostel co-ordinator is Shri Rajeshbhai Joshi – M.A. (Acharya).