Sandipani Vidyaniketan includes a Rishikul (named Babadeshwar Sanskrit Mahavidyalay), which provides Vedic education in Sanskrit, a system inspired by our early Rishis (sages) based on the close relationship between the Guru (teacher) and disciple.

Pujya Bhaishri believes that for goodness to prevail, moral values need to be intact and imbibed. This is possible only if our scriptures and epics are kept alive and are referred to time and again to understand moral and human values. Most of our scriptures are primarily in Sanskrit. To understand them accurately, it is important to learn Sanskrit and keep it alive.

Students of Sandipani Rishikul

With this mission in mind, Sandipani Rishikul was commenced which would produce proficient students, not necessarily just Brahmins, with the following qualities:

  • Well-educated in all subjects especially Sanskrit and Grammar.
  • Having consummate knowledge of the Vedas.
  • Able to conduct one’s life with niyam (discipline) and saiyam (restraint).
  • Not a ‘seller’ but a ‘distributor’ of knowledge.
  • Become an ambassador for teaching, inculcating and spreading the Vedic cultural heritage to induce human values.

Students at Rishikul are called Rishikumars. Rishikumars are taught the essential values of hard work, restraint and discipline in an open and natural environment, away from urban areas. The lush, natural setting of Sandipani feels as if one has been transported back to a time when great Indian saints taught their pupils deep in the grandeur of untamed nature. Yet the buildings around are as modern as the current times.

Sandipani Rishikul imparts education to students from Standard 9 to 12, followed by BA and post-graduation at MA level. Graduates are called Shāstris and post-graduates Āchāryas’. The total number of students has increased from 80 in 1992 to 306 in 2017.

Subjects from Standard 9 to MA include Sanskrit with emphasis on Grammar, study of scriptures, sandhyopāsanā (worship performed in the morning and at dawn), Astrology, Philosophy and Music along with other extra-curricular activities and management skills.

Students gain knowledge not only of Vedas and Upanishadas but also of English and subjects like Mathematics, modern Science, Computers, Arts and Craft and Music.

A brief documentary on how Sandipani was established by Pujya Bhaishri and comtact details to join the Seva Yagya of sponsporing a Rishikumar

You can support us online or contact:

  • Bharatbhai Dave in India on +91 99251 96353, or
  • Bhavit Mehta in UK on +44 796 197 6669, or
  • Ramnik Sangani in USA on +1 336 428 7776.

Education, accommodation and food at the Rishikul are totally free of charge. The Trust operates with the help of contributions coming from people supporting Sandipani Vidyaniketan.

Join us for Seva Yagya and support us in Rishikul.

The costs of various sevas within Rishikul are presented in the table below.


Type of Seva

Costs (Rupees)

1 Rishikumar for 1 year

Rs. 21,000
1 Rishikumar for 10 years

Rs. 200,000

One-time meal including sweet course for all Rishikumars

Rs. 10,000

One-time simple meal for all Rishikumars

Rs. 7,500

Snacks for Rishikumar

Rs. 3,100

Milk for Rishikumars

Rs. 2,500

Uniforms for all Rishikumars

Rs. 225,001

Food and sweets for 10 years for all Rishikumars

Rs. 100,000