Krishna Sadan Gaushala in Sandipani has been developed in a lush green environment surrounded by large trees and currently houses over 350 cows of the Gir species. The purpose of the Gaushala is to protect and look after our cows.

Our Vedas say that Mātaraha sarvabhūtanām gāvaha, the cow is the mother of mothers since it has the ability to feed, provide and support humanity in many ways.

Pujya Bhaishri says, “gāvo vishvasya mātaraha, meaning, the cow is the mother of the universe. Cows nourish and look after everyone, regardless of religion, society, caste or creed”.

The cow remains the basis of development and nurture in all stages of life through its milk as food, manure for agriculture and recently as a source of green energy to provide electricity.

The cowherds, who are provided living quarters and amenities to look after the cows, nurture the cows with great love and care.

The gau mutra (cow urine) and gau mai (cow dung) have medicinal uses in Ayurveda and used for purification in sacred rituals. Pujya Bhaishri in his Gau Katha, has explained the importance of the five pure products from a cow: milk, yoghurt, ghee (refined butter), cow dung and gau mutra. Pujya Bhaishri also emphasises on the dwelling place of cows: a temple of God whereby there are no rules or restrictions and God welcomes his devotees with utmost attention.

The Gaushala at Sandipani is made of two sheds: one for housing the cows and the other for storing fodder and a water tank. There is also an administration office to monitor the consumption of fodder, production of milk and carry out regular medical checks on the cows. Rishikumars and Gurukul students all receive this pure milk from the cows in the Gaushala.

Ghee (clarified butter) made from cows’ milk is now available from the Gaushala at Sandipani Vidyaniketan. This ghee is pure as it is made with natural resources from the milk of the Gir species of the cows at the Gaushala. Ghee has many beneficial uses such as: boosting the immune system, strengthens the bones, particularly of growing children, helps with digestion and strenghtening the vision. This ghee is now available at the Gaushala at Sandipani Vidyaniketan. For further information or to purchase, contact: 8780787487, 9925196353, 8238012501.

The importance of cows

• Merely by remembering the holy mother cow, all our sins from various births are destroyed.

• Providing service to cows increases our wealth, fame and purifies our mind. Above all, we acquire love for Lord Krishna.

• A cow is innocent and the abode of many deities.

• We must strive to serve cows, protect them – not kill them -and work for their welfare.

• Lord Krishna says, “I myself reside in cows.”

Support Our Gaushala

There are various sevas available through which you can join us as listed in the table below for the Krishna Sadan Gaushala in Sandipani for any occasion you may want to celebrate such as birthdays, child naming ceremonies, anniversaries, celebrations during Gopashtami, during your fasts, in the memory of your parents and ancestors or even just as normal wish or desire you may have.

You can even adopt a cow and name her yourself.

You can now join in this Seva Yagya online or contact us on +91 909 996 6288 for more information.

Type of Seva

Costs (Rupees)

Seva for one cow for one day Rs. 101
One tin jaggery for cows Rs. 1,100
One sack of oil-cake Rs. 1,100
Seva for one cow for one month Rs. 2,100
Fodder for all cows for one day Rs. 5,100
Ladoos for all cows for one day Rs. 8,500
Seva for one cow for one year Rs. 21,000
Seva for all cows for one day Rs. 21,000
Green Fodder for all cows for one day Rs. 25,000
Adoption of one cow Rs. 100,000
Seva for the entire Gaushala for one month Rs. 500,000