Makhan Chori Leela of Shri Krishna and the Gopi, Prabhavati

One of the Gopi in Gokul was known as Prabhavati. She was feisty and quarrelsome. She said to the other Gopis, “How can you bear Krishna stealing in your own house, disturb you and Maa Yashoda then not scolding him when you complain? My name is Prabhavati! I would never tolerate such behaviour! If he ever came to my house, I will teach him a lesson!”

One of the Gopi’s child heard this conversation. He approached his handsome leader, seated under a tree, has a blue hue, wore a yellow silk dhoti and a peacock feather on his head. On hearing what Prabhavati had said, Shri Krishna announced that tomorrow’s programme will be at Prabhavati’s house.

The next morning, the team set out at an agreed time to Prabhavati’s house. Two cowherds reported that Prabhavati had gone to fetch water from the well. The team opened the door to her house and stepped inside. There they saw the pot filled with water hanging high from the ceiling.

So, first, five married men circled together. Four others stood on the shoulders of these five men, then three on top of the four and finally Shri Krishna on top of them all!

Kanhaiya brought the pot down and everyone gathered together to eat the butter. Shri Krishna also fed the monkeys.

Despite eating so much, there was still half a pot of butter remaining. No one wanted any more butter. So, Kanhaiya said, “let us make good use of this butter. Shridama, this Gopi is very lazy. The coating of cow dung and earth on this floor is peeling off. So let us cover this floor with butter.” Everyone spread the butter on the entire floor. Thereafter, they broke the pot, closed the door to the house and prayed to the entrance, “Please protect whoever enters this house.” Pleased with themselves and curious to see the outcome, the whole team hid.

Prabhavati arrived carrying two pots of water on her head. She opened the door. Due to the pots on her head she could not lower her head to look down. As soon as she stepped her right foot inside the house, she slipped on the butter. Both pots on her head broke as she fell. The floor was more slippery as the water mixed with butter. Prabhavati skidded to the other end of the wall. On trying to get up, she skidded back to the entrance. The children all laughed as they enjoyed watching this scene from their hiding place.

Prabhavati was angry. “So it is my house today!” she exclaimed. “I will not leave this naughty boy!”

Prabhavati ran to Yashoda’s house. She started to complain to Yashoda what Krishna had done. At this point, Yashoda was fed up of hearing complaints. Thus, she took all her anger out on Prabhavati and said, “Why are you all picking on my little one? The truth is that all your kids are involved with my child. They are all spoiling my child. In fact even your brother in law is present in that team. First catch Kanha red-handed, and then come to me!”
Prabhavati became sad and left but firmly decided in her mind that she will catch Kanhaiya red-handed. She knew that Kanhaiya will return to steal butter.

Join us in the next article to see if Prabhavati will catch Shri Krishna red-handed or not. Will Kanhaiya fall for her trick?

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