What is the importance of Annakut offering and darshan on New Year’s Day?

This tradition began from the Annakut offerings that were made to mount Govardhan in the times that Lord Krishna was in Vraj.

God has given us rain in the monsoon season, farmers have worked hard, new crops have grown and the grains and food have reached our house.

In the path of devotion, when new things are gained, we must offer them to God so that they represent God’s grace. When any new thing or food becomes prasad, meaning, a blessing from God, 2 things happen: ­

  1. One will not misuse it;
  2. One will not eat it by oneself, but will share it.

Hence, we must remember that whatever we have is prasad from God. Therefore, we must not misuse it. We must share it and eat it throughout the year. This day of Annakut inspires us to take this resolution.

The path of devotion is the path of interests. Lord Krishna is the lord of interest and enthusiasm. Bliss exists where there is passion/ interest. Hence, do not keep your life disinterested. Keep Shri Krishna in your life. Keep interests in your life. If there is interest, there is bliss and if there is bliss, then not just the new year, but the entire year, in fact, every moment will become a celebration. Life is a celebration, and you have to celebrate it.

We are not here to suffer but to celebrate. This world is not a punishment but a celebration.

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