36th Annual Function at Babadeshwar Sanskrit Mahavidyalay

The 36th Annual function of Sandipani Vidyaniketan was celebrated in various ways by Sandipani Rishikul (known as Babadeshwar Sanskrit Mahavidyalay). All Rishikumars participated in various competitions including sports, athletics and academics.


The annual functions begun with the academic competitions. These included Sanskrit elocution, scripture, Sanskrit debates, essay writing, mental recitation from scriptures, Rudrāṣtadhyāyi from Vedas, Antākṣari of the quotes in Sanskrit, Veda mantrasaṁhitā.

Chess competitions were held for various classes. Thereafter, as per every year, a cricket competition was carried out for 3 days. The final cricket match was played between Shastriya dvitiya and Shastirya Tritiya. The man of the match was honoured with a shield at the end of the competition. Prizes were also given to man of the series, best batsman and best bowler.

Spiritual Activities

16th January 2020 was the 36th anniversary of Babadeshwar Sanskrit Mahavidyalay. On this occasion, the teachers, Gurus and Rishikumars of Sandipani RIshikul participated in several spiritual activities. One of the activities included laghurudrābhiṣek by the Rishikumars at the temple of Lord Shiv in Babadeshwar. Babadeshwar Sanskrit Mahavidyalay was initiated at this location.

Laghurudrābhiṣek was also performed on Shri Chandramauleshwar Mahadev at Shri Hari Mandir followed by a laghurudrayāga at the Yagyashala. Present in all these celebrations were the younger brother of Pujya Bhaishri, Shri Gautambhai Oza, trustees, the principal of the hostel, other teachers and managers.

In these two video clips, watch the speech of respectable Shri Bobdeji who explains where Sandipani began from how far it has come and who this credit goes to; in the second video clip, Shri Gautambhai Oza blesses all with divine advice for all.

Speech by Shri Bobdeji
Speech by Shri Gautambhai Oza

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