A person works very hard earning his livelihood, saves some of his earnings for the future and suddenly finds that he has lost all his savings and his business has come to a standstill. He had always worked very hard and was about to reach home in this ‘snakes and ladder’ game of life when suddenly he finds a snake at 99 and he is back at ‘start’. So, Pujya Bhaishri, why has God punished this hard working person who fought so hard in his life for survival?

This world is dualistic by nature. In life, where there is happiness, misery is also present. Similarly, there is joy and sorrow, success and failure, meeting and separation, profit and loss, life and death, etc. This dual characteristic is the nature of this world. Continuous change is the ruling factor. No situation remains permanent; it is forever changing. Faithful devotees and spiritual aspirants should keep their mind balanced in all situations. This is possible with devotion and faith in God. Always tell yourself, “Whatever God does for me in spite of all my efforts, will be only for my betterment.”

Remember God is like a mother to the devotee. When a mother punishes her child she does it in the interest of the child. The child is not wise enough. He is upset if something goes against his wishes. But the mother knows very well what is good for the child. Hence she does not do that which the child approves of but instead she does what she thinks is right for the child.

Another point to remember is that in the plate of our life, eatables of variable tastes are served to us. There is a sweet dish and a spicy one since we need eatables of all types for our healthy growth. Only a sweet or spicy course will impair the charm of eating. Similarly, the existence of sorrow along with happiness in our lives makes life interesting. Therefore, instead of complaining we should maintain faith in God and accept whatever situation arises in life facing it bravely like Arjun.

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