Shri Hari Mandir patotsav was celebrated with great enthusiasm from 8th February to 10th February 2011. Renowned ascetic of Vrindavan Shri Karshniguru Pujya Sharnanandji Maharaj, Chief of the Chharodi Vishwa Vidya Pratishthan Pujya Shastri Madhavpriyadasji Maharaj, Vishwambhar Bapu of Saurashtra and other leading saints graced the occasion with their presence and blessings.
Pooja and abhishek were performed as per tradition with great elegance in the five temples of Shri Hari Mandir to mark the fifth year celebrations. Shri Ram yagya and a non-stop Ram dhun were also carried out on all the three days.
The family of Shri Prakashbhai Kaneria from the UK was the main sponsor for the seva of Shri Lakshminarayan temple.
The family of Shri Bajrangilal Taparia was the main sponsor for the seva of Shri Radhakrishna temple.
Seva of Shri Ram darbar was sponsored by the family of Shri Vinodbhai Sadhu of Zambia.
The family of Shri Sanjaybhai Suchak was the main manorathi for the seva of Shri Ambe Maa temple.
Ms. Gita Ahuja of USA was the sponsor for the service of Shri Shiv darbar.
Shri Pramodbhai and Shrimati Pushpabahen Taparia were the manorathi for the seva of Shri Ganeshji’s temple.
Shri Ashvinbhai and Shrimati Ashaben Morjaria of Porbandar were the sponsors of Shri Hanumanji’s temple.
Other religious and service projects were also held during these patotsav celebrations. The highlight of the occasion was various inspiring discourses delivered by several scholars from Gujarat in the lecture series titled ‘Bhagavat chintan‘ and ‘Bhagavat darshan‘. These eminent scholars were: Dr. Gautambhai Patel, Dr. Ajit Thakore, Bhanadevji, Shri Narottam Palan, Dr. Vasant Parikh, Dr. Rakshaben Dave, Dr. Mansukh Savalia, Shri Shyam Thaker and Pujya Shastri Madhavpriyadasji. The audience was delighted to listen to the unique elaboration on the character of Kubja (who served Kans and was deformed from three parts of her body) provided by Shri Madhavpriyadasji.
The service projects consisted of medical camps which covered congenital diseases of the mouth, leprosy, skin care, cardiology; an eye camp which covered laser surgeries for cataracts; free laboratory tests including blood tests, urine tests, ECG, x-ray and sonography; and free medication for five days. Out of 53 eye patients examined at the specialist eye camp 8 were provided treatment. 136 patients attended the leprosy and skin care camp. 62 cardiology patients were examined and the relevant patients provided dates for surgeries. Out of 63 ophthalmology patients, 8 were operated for cataracts. The camps were well co-ordinated by the enthusiastic and experienced Doctor Bharat Gadhvi. The chief sponsor of these camps was Shri Ramanbhai Vishram Jogia. Pujya Bhaishri honoured all the doctors and technicians for the success of the camps.
On the occasion of vasant panchami a large annakoot (collection of food) was presented at Shri Hari Mandir from noon until evening for darshan by devotees. Shrimati Darshnaben and Shri Dineshbhai Kapadia were the manorathi of this divine event. On the same day, all the devotees enthusiastically participated in Goverdhan pooja led by Pujya Bhaishri. A book titled ‘Jahi Vidhi Rakhe Ram’, sponsored by Shrimati Ranjanben and Shri Prakashbhai Kaneria, was launched in the presence of Pujya Bhaishri. This is one of the first books in Gujarati with a collection of stutis composed by Sant Shri Tulsidasji. Pujya Bhaishri showered his blessings on the Kaneria family during this auspicious time.
On the morning of 9th February, four distinguished personalities were honoured with Sandipani awards in the presence of the Governor of Gujarat, Her Excellency Dr. Kamala Beniwal. In addition, the rishikumars of Sandipani won the hearts of the audience with their delightful performances in a cultural programme.
In the final session of these celebrations, the Taparia sisters presented their programme of devotional bhajans and kirtan. Pujya Bhaishri delightedly said that that the salient feature of this group is that the newly composed bhajans are always first presented at Shri Hari’s lotus feet before being sung elsewhere.
Finally to mark the success of these fifth anniversary celebrations, Pujya Bhaishri conveyed his blessings and honoured the sponsors of the event including the main sponsor of the patotsav, Shrimati Ranjanben and Shri Prakashbhai Kaneria, and the main sponsor of the medical camps, Shri Ramanbhai Vishram Jogia.

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