Should we desire for liberation from Katha?
Shri Tulsidasji has described Ram Katha as kamdhenu (wish-yielding cow). For saints like Tulsidasji, this katha is chintamani(wish-yielding gem). Those who have taken refuge of Shrimad Bhagavat or Ramayan, and live according to the guidance of these scriptures, have experienced that they have no worries; none of their desires are unfulfilled because their desires cannot be wrong. These people who have sought refuge are well-wishers. Their desires are not selfish, but benevolent. They wish for the welfare of the world and their wishes are indeed fulfilled through Ram Katha. I am talking here about people who consider Ram Katha as their essence, the means to liberation and Ram Katha means the world to them. I am not talking about people who consider Ram Katha as a means to achieve other things.
Do not make Katha a means to achieve something, make it an achievement. This is not a means to achieve wealth and fame. I have heard from other saints that we should not even desire to attain liberation via the Shrimad Bhagavat.

It is true that the Bhagavat will provide emancipation. However, we should not wish for emancipation as we are then increasing the importance of emancipation over the Bhagavat; we are making Bhagavat a means of achieving liberation. Bhagavat is not anyone else, it is the form of God. в это время делать ставки на события на выводимые средства mostbet По правилам букмекера, клиента в любой момент могут попросить о верификации аккаунта

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