Beware of Manthra, she is still alive! – Article 3.3 of Chaitra Month Sandesh

The final article in the Chaitra month series of Sandesh is a continuation from article 3.1 and 3.2 on what happens when Manthra invades our family based on the solid foundations of love.

Pujya Bhaishri continues to explain that Manthra is a worse character than Ravan! Ravan died, but nowhere in Ramayan is it mentioned that Manthra died. Hence, she is alive in the society in some shape or form. It is very important to beware and save the family from such a Manthra.

There are two types of friends and relatives:

  1. Those who will advise you of you and your family’s well-being;
  2. Those who well advise you to think selfishly only about yourself.

It is a great sin to break up any relationships within a family. Manthra can be a near or far relative, or a friend, who makes you selfish and leads you towards your loss.

Ram and Laxman killed demons in the forest while Bharat and Shatrugna destroyed the internal demons of desires, anger, greed, attachments etc.

Hence, when such an enemy manifests in a family member, then clear the misunderstanding and fight the enemy within to destroy it. If someone insults you in anger, by remembering this repeatedly, you will give rise to hatred within you. This way, both of you will become ill. Instead, help treat the ill person who is irate. There are ways you can do this. Help destroy the internal enemy within this family member.

If you nurture the hatred within you, one day, this will erupt into a big argument and a crack will appear in the solid foundation. Then what do we tend to do? We run to the temple to pray and/or we go to an astrologer when actually what is required is understanding and love.

Let us pray to God to help us maintain happiness, peace and bliss in our family. Build your family on the foundation of love and Ram (bliss), Laxman (happiness) and Sita (peace) will reside in your home/ temples.

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