Knowledge cannot be stolen. There is one Katha that I have heard:

Once, when Shri Ved Vyasji’s wife was tired and sleeping, her mouth was left open. At that time, a parrot entered her mouth. Thereafter, Lord Shiv Himself took birth as Shukdevji, as their son. At this time the parrot had heard Katha being narrated by Lord Shiv to Maa Parvati. Hence, Shukdevji sang this Katha.

Vyasji showered the Katha in such a way like rain in the rainy season that aids the growth of plants.  This same Bhagavat sprouted from Shukdevji. When Sadguru in the form of Vyasji showered his blessings and love, Bhagavat was revealed.

Our intellect has a limit on how much it can think. When we offer our dreams at the lotus feet of God, he beautifies it and makes them true for us.

What is within one sprouts due to Guru’s grace. A Guru does not impose. Instead, a Guru manifests the good qualities and skills present within a disciple. This is also the work of education.

Bhagavat is an immortal Katha. It turns a tasteless life into one with interests. This Katha destroys distress and pain and provides us with the taste of God’s form.

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