Can there be pure and true friendship between a male and female? Day 4 Mumbai Katha.

On Day of Mumbai Bhagavat Katha, 23rd November 2019, Pujya Bhaishri talked about living within our limits and a pure relationship of friendship between a man and woman.

An ocean, that normally stays within its borders, may break its boundaries and overflow during disasters such as the tsunami.

Generally, rivers, oceans etc flow within their boundaries. They look lovely and scenic. Even in the rainy season, they flow within their boundaries. On the other hand, a river without water looks lifeless. When they flow out of their borders, they do not look scenic.

Similarly, a human is dear to all when one remains within the limits. One wants to befriend such a person. We refer to Lord Ram as the supreme in the conduct of Dharma and discipline. He is worshipped as the ideal due to his discipline in conduct.

Dharma establishes the discipline in conduct in life. Dharma has the power to keep one within limits. However, Dharma is not to be imposed on one but to be accepted by one. Our Rishis have provided us with liberal guidance. On the other hand, many people have not only tried to impose Dharma, but also kill others in the name of Dharma. Dharma has no relation with terrorism. It is related to spirituality.

Many religions have spread through imposingness or wealth. Dharma’s work is to bring a change in a person instead of a person changing religion. Many convert due to state and official reasons, due to selfish purposes or even due to helplessness. However, this is like changing clothes in which the person in question is the same.

Dharma is to change oneself to be a better human being. Dharma’s purpose in not to change a person to become a Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. In fact, it is the opposite. Dharma’s purpose is to make a Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc to be a good human being.
On day 4, Pujya Bhaishri also talked about how pure and true friendship can be established between a man and woman with Draupadi and Lord Krishna as a shining example.

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