Shri Hari Mandir celebrated Mahashivratri in a variety of religious, spiritual and charitable ways on 4th March 2019.


The Rishikumars of Sandipani performed laghurudrābhiek on Shri Chandramauleshwar Mahadev according to our scriptures early in the morning. The host of this puja was Shri Rajubhai Hathi, the son of the ex-trustee of Sandipani, Shri Tulsi bhai Hathi.

Rishikumars also completed Laghurudrabhisek at Babadeshwar, which is the origin of Sandipani Vidyaniketan.


Laghurudra Yagya

At the same time a Laghurudra Yagya was completed under the guidance of the Rishikumars, by the host, Shri Falgunbhai Modha and family.

Another highlight this Mahashivratri was the inauguration of the new shed in the Gaushala. Rishikumar Prafulbhai Dave provided his service on the day to the cows with green fodder.

Divine Ornamentation at Shri Hari Mandir

Devotees were mesmerised to see the divine darshan of Shri Chandramauleshwar Mahadev in the form of Vishnu-Vallabh.

Abhishek and worship were also performed in the last four hours of the night followed by Aarati at midnight.


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