There are many Seva Yagyas you can join in and support us in any areas of our educational institutions or the Gaushala within Sandipani.

For USA and Canada, visit Support Us – USA and Canada

For India and other countries, see below for the seva yagyas and to donate.

There are several payment methods available such as card payments, cheque or a bank transfer. Should you wish to pay by credit/debit card, please note that as per the Reserve Bank of India Regulations, your card must have the two-factor authentication activated. Two factor authentication is a system where after entering the card details the donor as a next step is asked to enter a password. This provides a second level of authentication and plays an important role in avoiding fraudulent transactions. You may need to contact your bank to activate two-factor authentication. Alternatively you may contact +91 909 906 5279 to discuss alternative ways of supporting us.

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