Daily we allocate a specific number of hours or minutes to chant the Gurumantra. On all other hours of the day we chant the Mahamantra. My doubt is which mantra is good for us to chant the whole day, the Gurumantra or Mahamantra?

Gurumantra should be chanted without fail and regularly. Chant it as per the directions of your guru. Mahamantra can be chanted anytime and at any place. For Gurumantra, initiation by a Guru is necessary but a Mahamantra can be chanted without initiation. The Mahamantra is self-potentiated. It is necessary that the Gurumantra be chanted regularly at a specific time while sitting in a specific place. If a guru has initiated you, then chant your Gurumantra with devotion and dedication. That alone is best for you.

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