‘Devotee Diaries’ Series—Devotees from India and around the world reminisce about Yatras, Kathas and magical milestone moments in their life journey with Pujya Bhaishri. Would you like to share how an experience has impacted you? Email contactus@sandipani.org

Taxashilaben Kapadia from Ahmedabad, India shares—

My first katha of Pujya Gurudev was on 6th, January, 2001—at Uttamnagar, Ahmedabad. It happened when I visited a mandir near home, and saw this Katha poster of Bhaishri. I was working at that time so I applied for a ten-day leave and listened to my first katha.

I really enjoyed it, and it made me want to listen to Gurudev more and more; and that’s how my Katha journey began. So whenever there was Gurudev’s Katha in town or any tirth, I used to apply for a holiday at work, and started visiting many places and listening to many kathas.

With the blessings of ShriHari, I am blessed to have a guru like Pujya Bhaishri, and I am so sure that with the help of Guru aashirwaad, and the seva I offer in his lotus feet, I will surely get closer to ShriHari.

To explain anything about ShriHari is way too hard, but instead—this is the way ShriHari blesses me and my family. That experience is just divine.

Since 2001, I have regularly visited ShriHari Mandir for the yearly Patosavs, Navratri Anushthaans, and many other events with the blessings of Gurudev.

With the blessings of ShriHari and Gurudev, I offer my seva at the medical camp at ShriHari Mandir each year during the ShriHari Mandir Patotsavs and Navratri Anushthaans. The feeling of offering seva at a medical camp gives me immense happiness and makes me feel so blessed.

With blessings of ShriHari and Gurudev, my katha journey started from 2001—till date and I am really blessed, and so is my family, for being there in seva for ShriHari Mandir and in the lotus feet of Gurudev.

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