Dharma and Self-Reflection – Vapi Katha Ends with Food For Thought for All.

Day 6 at Vapi Katha saw the celebrations and worship of Shri Goverdhan at Vapi. Pujya Bhaishri shared deep and meaningful thoughts on Dharma and self-reflection briefly summarised below from Day 6 to 8 Bhagavat Katha.

Dharma – to implement, not merely discuss!

Will your hunger the satisfied by simply shouting ‘food! food!’? Will your thirst be quenched by only shouting ‘water! water!’? You will only experience God if you gain the qualities and personality of God along with chanting God’s name.

You will experience divinity by implementing Dharma in your life not by merely discussing topics on Dharma. People try to please God through words that form a prayer. Instead please God through your virtuous but silent actions that you have learnt from Dharma. The implementation of Dharma through your actions reaches God faster.

The West is in a dilemma on the path of religion to follow whereas in Bharat (India) scriptures are showing you the right path. Accept them and progress forward.

Carry out the well-being of others and yourself plus gain the grace of God. Ensure you give something to the world rather than leave the world like animals do. One who gives is a demi-God and such a life is worthwhile.

Why Self-reflection?

The first condition to understand the Supreme Truth is knowing oneself. Without knowing oneself, one cannot proceed on the journey of enlightenment. To know oneself means self-reflection. For ages, human beings have been living an extrovert life.

A person knows the faults of others but it is surprising that he/she does not recognise one’s own faults nor is eager to find out. Do not try to know others; just know thyself. The cause of distress and sadness is that there is dirt within us which we do not attempt to get rid of.

Purity within us takes us to the path to unite with God. Remember, those who walk opposite from God lead to their destruction one day. Those who walk towards God experience bliss, beauty from the inside and are filled with nectar.

The Supreme Truth becomes known to those who self- reflect.

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