Dikshant Samaroh (Graduation Ceremony) of Shastriya Trutiya Rishikumars in the Presence of Pujya Bhaishri

On 17th April 2019, Pujya Bhaishri joined Rishikumars at Sandipani Rishikul on the graduation ceremony of the Shastriya Trutiya Rishikumars. Read the inspiring speech and strong message Pujya Bhaishri gave to the Rishikumars leaving Sandipani for the service of the society and the nation.

Dear respectable teachers, parents, graduates and other younger Rishikumars, Guruji talked about your return from your in-laws (Sandipani) to your parents’ home. You came from your father’s house. Just like the person responsible for your birth is your father, similarly, your Guru/teacher is your second father. Remover of fear is your third father. Your father in-law will be your fourth father and the fifth father is one who provides you food.

You were a Rishikumar. Now you are embarking on the life of a Rishi. When you first come here you cry. Your mother cries even more.  Today, when the same child is leaving, look at his confidence he has gained through knowledge.

When you came here, you were a body made of raw materials. This body has been shaped here by the teachers, the atmosphere at Sandipani, the discipline, festivals, the guests that arrive here and many other things. Your intellect, body and emotions have matured.

When you leave, you will experience that until now you were in an environment of Satyuga and/or Tretāyuga. You will embrace Kalyuga when you leave. You will experience a different world at every stage.

You have lived with: purity, respect for your elders and teachers, faith in God and Guru, love for education, free from addictions. When you step out, you will face a different world in which you will have to prove yourself. Do not lose confidence or run away. You are leaving for service (sevā).

Getting influenced on the environment you are in is not a bad thing if it is noble. However, without being influenced, the skills and values you have gained from Sandipani (Sāndīpanitva) must be so strong that you are able to influence others. Learn the good things from others but do not be influenced with what is wrong. Then, do not stop there. Make an effort to save as many people as you can from the vices.

You may become a teacher. How much can you improve the culture in your school? How much value have added?

Some of you may go on to study further. The sanskar (values) you have attained from Sandipani is Sāndīpanitva which is embedded in you. This is what makes you different and will aid you in gaining recognition. Protect that Sāndīpanitva.

You entered to gain knowledge, you are leaving to serve others. Gyānārth Pravesh, Sevārtha Prasthān.

Whatever I do I will do as worship to my Lord. The entire universe is the form of God. What I then gain will be prasād. I will not misuse the wealth I gain as prasād. I will share this wealth. Furthermore, the happiness in the work I have done will be the greatest prasad.

Charge your battery through Sandhyā. Continue to make yourself strong through Gāyatri mantra. Don’t just do this as a ritual. It should be food that is necessary daily. Practice and understand the Gāyatri and be one with the Supreme Almighty. Chant the Gāyatri with this sentiment and you will be charged daily. You will be filled with divinity. The contentment you will experience has no value and is greater than billions. This divinity and contentment will make you the wealthiest, most powerful and divine person in this world.

You may not know but most of your teachers were students at Sandipani. They ate less so that others could feed properly. They had a tough life. My dear teachers, you should show the current students some of these photos on how Sandipani started.

Our simplicity is our wealth as our life is that of a Rishi. Righteousness, simplicity, discipline, purity etc are part of our life. Let us live our life this way with pride that we were Sandipani Rishikumars and spread the values.

When a son doesn’t return home, a mother worries and cannot sleep. When the son arrives, the mother asks him to eat. If the son has eaten elsewhere, she tells him to rest. A mother invites him and when he leaves she pats him with love. Such is mother Sandipani.

You spent eight years on the lap of mother Sandipani. These were the most important years as you were moulded during this time. You have built your foundation here.

My children are learning here from what I gain in my kathas. We also have generous donors. I would like to see in future four graduated Rishikumars earning well to sponsor the education of one Rishikumar. May God give you this strength. Also do not be lazy; you have been taught this here. Once you are strong and feel you can contribute back to your mother then request Guruji that four of you would like to sponsor the education of one Rishikumar.  The institution will continue to run anyway but by doing so, you will be content and we will be filled with pride; hence this vision.

We are departing you with a ritual and ceremony along with happiness. You will miss Sandipani and the teachers will remember your strengths as well as tasks and miss you too.

Our Sandipani tradition is not to make one an ascetic, but a Rishi. Rishis were householders. Rishis like Vashishtha etc made their Iives divine as Rishis. Live as our Rishis advise and as per our scriptures. Study further, be enlightened and remember what has been advised. You are going to attend another exam of life. When you are successful in the life-exams, it will be the success of Sāndīpanitva. You will then continue to successfully progress further.

Many many congratulations and blessings to you all. I express my happiness to parents who have made the biggest sacrifice. By placing your children in Sandipani, you have made them Rishis. Our Vedic culture and values will be protected this way and lead to the protection of our country.

All the best.

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