Enthusiasm – The Biggest Power in Life – Day 5 Surat Katha with Celebrations of Lord Krishna’s Manifestation

On Day 5 of Shri Ram Krishna Bhagavat Pravah, devotees of Surat were enthusiastically prepared to celebrate the manifestation of Lord Krishna during the Bhagavat Katha with magnificence. Watch these highlights to join in the bliss they experienced.

Pujya Bhaishri shared with all the importance of having interests and enthusiasm in life, what happens if we do not honour those who are worthy of veneration and other significant learnings some of which have been presented below.

Enthusiasm – the biggest power in life

If you want to develop your business, make your relationships better, spiritually progress, then it is imperative that there is essence and flavour in life. Even when vegetables such as carrots, radish or cucumber are without flavour we do not enjoy eating them. Similarly, if a human is boring, will one enjoy meeting them? Passion and enthusiasm are necessary!

Vedas say: ‘Rasam hyevāyam labhdhvā ānandi bhavati”, meaning, when one gains interest, one is united with bliss. Where there is bliss, there is enthusiasm and there is no greater power than enthusiasm in this world.

When fluid decreases in your body you become weak and cannot do anything. You lose interest in everything.  One then requires fluids with electrolytes or saline drips. So even the body needs fluid. Similarly, the mind also needs flavour. That which established you in interests is Katha. Hence, I beg you again and again that do not take Katha is a religious activity only. Just like exercise is necessary for physical fitness, similarly, Katha is necessary for mental fitness. Although both are important, mental fitness is more important than physical fitness.

Three Dire Results of Honouring the unworthy and ignoring the venerable

When those who are unworthy of honour are honoured, while those who deserve veneration and whose guidance we should listen to as well as follow are ignored in the country by the government, leaders and media then three things will happen in such a country:

  1. There will be famine related to not only food and water, but also good people. Good people will not want to say anything as no one listens.
  2. Death will increase. Not only death of beings, but also businesses, industries and education.
  3. There will spread of terrible fear in the entire society and country. This fear will be worse than death.
Some messages from the Churning of Ocean

The demi-gods and demons churned the ocean in order to gain nectar from it. However, what came first was poison. When this happened, all started asking one another who will drink it. Then they approached Lord Shiv who held the poison in his throat. Through this, Lord Shiv enlightened all that if you leave poison outside then the world will die whereas if you drink it then you will die. So keep it in the throat. The other meaning of this is that when you feel like uttering bitter words to another person, before you release them as words, stop them in your throat. Similarly, if someone utters poisonous words to you, then as they enter the ears, do not let them enter the heart and mind. Hold them in your throat. Learn how to become Neelkanth in this world from Lord Shiv. One who learns how to handle poison in this manner, gains nectar.

Followed by the poison, many other gems came out of the ocean ending with the nectar. When Lord Dhanvantari came out with the nectar, everyone began to fight for it. Do we not see people fighting for recognition in this world? The demi-gods surrendered to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and gave the nectar to the demi-gods. So here, let us think, did God discriminate between the demons and demi-gods? Does God discriminate? What type of discrimination was this? This was done for the welfare of mankind rather than for selfish reasons.

These stories are not mere stories. They are very symbolic and teach us great lessons in life.

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