Ganesh Chaturthi Sandesh: Lord Ganapati Teaches Us How To Be An Ideal Leader

The divine form of Lord Ganapati teaches us how to be an ideal leader, be it in our community, society or country. Let us look at his form briefly and learn the symbolism of his form.

Gananaam patihi Ganapati. 

Lord Ganeshji’s nose, ears and stomach are large and the eyes are small. What does this signify?

The leader of a republic/society should have a large nose, meaning, he/she should be respectable; the ears should be large so that he/she listens to everyone, even the last person. The leader’s vision and perception should be wide. In addition, the stomach should be large. This does not mean that he/she is a food addict or binge eater, but it figuratively means that the leader can retain confidential information and is large hearted. Despite all these qualities, when Shri Ganapati ji sits on a mouse, the mouse does not die.

A mouse is the vehicle of Lord Ganapati. The mouse signifies the public. Ultimately, it is the public who bears the weight of the leader but the leader must be careful that he/she does not crush the public, for instance, in the form of extortionate taxes.

Shri Ganapati Dev teaches us how we can conduct ourselves and lead others within our family, society and nation.

All leaders of a family, society and the nation should learn from the inspiring qualities of Lord Ganesh.

Ganapati Bapa Morya!
Shri Gajanan Ganapati Maharaj Ki Jai!

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