Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, the holy occasion of the birth of Lord Ganesh, is celebrated in various majestic ways all over the world. Lord Shri Ganesh is worshipped at the beginning of any new venture to result in success and remove any misfortunes. During this auspicious occasion, whilst we all devotedly pray to Shri Ganesh ji, let us understand what he signifies in the divine words of Pujya Bhaishri.

Ganapati is the symbol of knowledge. He is the son of Bhavani Maa, the symbol of faith. Ganapati seated on Maa Bhavani’s laps means knowledge seated on the laps of faith.

Shri Ganapati ji has a large head which signifies a reputable person.

The nose of a knowledgeable person is large, meaning, such a person’s life is pure and honourable.

The eyes of Ganapati ji are smaller compared to the size of his head. The tiny eyes indicate that one who is knowledgeable has wider vision.

Shri Ganesh ji has a large stomach, hence also known as Lambodar. This implies that one who is knowledgeable should be big-hearted. Such a person does not gossip from one person to another and knows how to retain confidential information.

Shri Ganapati ji has large ears. A knowledgeable person listens to everyone, from the commonest man to one with the highest status. Such a person is not egoistic that he is the most knowledgeable individual, but is down to earth. Knowledge sits on the seat of humility. Knowledge that is not paired with humility is only known as information.

Shri Ganesh ji sits on a mouse. Now how can Ganapati who has a large stomach and and elephant head be able to sit on a mouse? How will a mouse move with Ganapati on him? Again this has a symbolic meaning. The mouse signifies effort or hard work. A mouse is always ding something. Therefore, knowledge shoud ride on hard work. One who is knowledgeable should not be idle, but work hard.

Shri Ganapati ji has two wives: Maa Riddhi and Maa Siddhi. Riddhi (prosperity/ wealth) and Siddhi (fulfilment) exist wherever knowledge rides on hard work.

This is what our beloved Shri Ganesh Bhagavan signifies.
Shri Gajanan Ganapati Maharaj ki Jai!

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