This year, Shri Ganesh Utsav was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the teachers and Rishikumars of Sandipani Vidyaniketan.

On 13th September, Shri Ganeshji was invited, invoked and worshipped at Shri Hari Mandir. 108 modaks were also offered to him.


Thereafter, on 23rd September, everyone gathered to once again perform Pooja, recite mantras and perform aarati. Everyone performed circumbulation of Shri Hari Mandir with Ganeshji along with Shri Hari naam sankirtan. Rishikumars also joyously performed Raas and garba. All departed from Ganeshji who was immersed in the pond waters near Sandipani.

Whilst the entire country was celebrating, Pujya Bhaishri gave the following message explaining the symbolism of Lord Ganesh and this celebration:

“After ten days of Ganesh utsav (celebrations), Lord Ganesh has spread bliss and inspiration. We bow to Lord Ganesh on the day of Ganesh Visarjan (Immersion Ceremony). Bowing to Lord Ganesh means bowing to the faith present within all.

Murti (idol/deity) is symbolic of our bodies made of soil. The consciousness/ energy within brings life into it. We worship one which contains life which is therefore eternal. This is the basis with which we worship our Gods.

Ganeshji and Hanumanji are two Gods who are present outside any temple of any God. Hanumanji is connected with the mind and Ganeshji with the intellect. Lord Krishna mentions in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita that both the mind and intellect are important. The mind is fickle like a monkey and needs to made steady. A steadfast mind has great power.

Lord Ganesh symbolises knowledge. Knowledge and power are important for an aspirant. Be knowledgeable and powerful. Through knowledge, become wise and experienced.

Ganeshji enlightens us with knowledge. He is the giver of Riddhi (wealth) and Siddhi (success). Wealth and success are desired by all and present where Lord Ganeshji is.

On this day, whilst we have experienced the unison with Lord Ganesh and now celebrate on his departure, we pray to Lord Ganeshji to get rid of all hurdles in people’s life as well as guide us with the path to deal with issues in our life, society and country. May our country progress, succeed, be wealthy and enlightened so that it is able to spread light to the rest of the world”.

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