Gita Jayanti Sandesh 2018: God is Waiting for You via the story of Sant Dadu Dayal

A mind that develops love for God will automatically focus on God, you will not need to make an effort to concentrate your mind. One example of this is the Gopis who could not forget Lord Krishna at any moment.

Love is that in which you cannot forget your lover. In fact, you will struggle to forget your lover. Have you seen how a businessman concentrates when trying to balance his/her business accounts? He/ she forgets everything.

Let us see this via a story of Sant Dadu Dayal.

We have forgotten the one who is the most important. Our priorities have changed in this world and all our efforts are for worldly activities and things. Everything else is important to us more than God. The mind, intellect and body all run after these destructible things in this world.

Wealth has become more important to us. The mind thinks of the wealth, the intellect plans on how to earn it and the body works hard to get this wealth. When we take the last breaths, we realise that actually that wealth and material world can never be gained. We foolishly considered all this as ours, whereas we never made any effort to attain God who in reality is ours and easily attainable.

You can only call God yours with the utmost confidence and nothing else.

“Prabhoraham mama prabhuhu”
“I am God’s and God is mine”.

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