Religion simply means that my welfare is in the well-being of others. We are somehow being selfish when we work only for our interests and benefits and disregard the well-being of others.

Today’s circumstances are such that we envision a kingdom of Shri Ram but we have not been able to bring this to fruition.

God’s or Shri Ram’s divine kingdom is whereby the attitude and expression of goodwill for one another exists. A kingdom of Shri Ram means where each person thinks, ‘what can I give to someone? Not what can I gain from another person? How can I contribute to the society and therefore the country’?

To create a kingdom like that of Shri Ram, where being humanitarian and kind are paramount, one has to begin with one self.

Each person wants to be important or famous in our society; he/she will work hard to gain this status. I read a wonderful quote somewhere, ‘Being great is good, but being virtuous and humane is of greater importance’.

Every individual tries very hard to be famous, a VIP, but amidst these efforts one forgets the importance of being virtuous and generous.

If we mould our life by focusing on being humane and selfless, then not only will each individual achieve peace and prosperity in their lives but we will also create a society/country that is divine like Shri Ram’s kingdom.

Jai Hind!

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