Imagine there are many pots filled with water from the same well.  All living beings are like those pots. The soul is like water – it is from the same well – from the Supreme Reality.  So if we realise that, then we know that we all arise from the same Supreme Soul.  Therefore, there is no difference between any of us – that is ātmiyatā.

Sab ghat mero Sāiyān, khali ghat nahi koi.

Kabirā kuā ek hai panihāri anek,  bartan sab nyāre pāni sab mein ek.

When I think that your sorrow is my sorrow and your joy is my joy, then I will always be there for you to help you in your sorrow and in your joy I should be joyous also; If this doesn’t happen then I will be jealous of your joy which leads to arguments and this only happens when there is a separation between yours and mine.  Thus, we can live with affinity and unity by sharing one another’s’ joys and sorrows and without a difference between what is yours and mine.

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