Navratri Anushthan at Sandipani continues on day 6 with devotion, knowledge and fun with devotees from India and overseas joining Pujya Bhaishri, Rishikumars, teachers and Gurukul students. On day 6, we were joined by educationist and writer, Shri Mansukh Salla.

Shri Mansukh Sallaji talked on ‘Tomorrow’s Gandhi’. He said that we have come close to one another through the internet but we have not learnt how to live together in harmony. Gandhiji has taught us how to live healthily with ourself. One who worships in a temple but does not serve the society is not a true human. What is true living? One in which there is happiness and the welfare of others. Gandhiji showed this to us and has given us the solutions to the problems in this world. Thus Gandhiji can be called the universal Guru in this day and age.

Trusteeship and Non-theft

Giving is one’s responsibility to one’s own self. Gandhiji inspired all with this understanding of the science of selfless service. He outlined three guiding principles for working with the spirit of Trusteeship:

  1. Trustees seek righteous means to earn revenue for the Trust;
  2. Trustees ensure each penny is well-utilized towards the goals of the Trust;
  3. Trustees protect the wealth of the Trust and ensure there is no theft or wasted expenses.

A good teacher teaches by their conduct. A small example shows how Gandhiji practiced the above three. When asked for his autograph at one point, Gandhiji would:

  1. First request a five-rupee donation to the Harijan cause;
  2. Take it personally upon himself to ensure every cent was well-utilized for the cause it was raised for.
  3. Carefully scrutinize and not tolerate any wasted expenses.
Inauguration of fourth book – Dainik Satsang

A fourth book, Dainik Satsang, was inaugurated today, sponsored by Shri Bjaranglal Tapariaji.

Free medical camps have been running throughout the Anushthan. In addition to the dental camp which has been running daily, a diabetes camp and eye camp commenced on day 6. The Diabetes camp was run by Dr. Samir Lodhia. The organisation of all the medical camps have been done by Dr. Bharat Gadhvi and Shri Suresh Gandhiji.

Shri Hari Mandir Darshan

On day 6, a divine Abhishek with sacred water and flowers was performed by Pujya Bhaishri and Shri Bajranglal Tapariaji on Shri Karunamayi Maa.

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