A huge number of people have been making the most of listening to the Nanded Katha by Pujya Bhaishri since the first day. On days 2 and 3, Pujya Bhaishri enlightens us on how we can remain happy in any situation and the means to attain peace in life. Pujya Bhaishri said:

Bhagavat Katha destroys bhavroga (the illness that the world is real). Bhagavat is the literal form of Lord Krishna. It is the flow of devotion and the Ganges of knowledge. It illustrates the true picture of this world.

In the section of Gokarna Gita from the chapter that describes the importance of Bhagavat in the Shrimad Bhagavat, it is said:

Dehesthimasarudhirebhimati tyaja tva, jāyāsutādiu sadā mamatāṃ vimucca II

Paśyāniśa jagadida kśanabhagānitham, vairāgyarāgrasiko bhava bhaktinitha II

Dharma bhajasva satata tyaja lokadharmān, sevasva sādhupuruṣān jahi kāmtrunām I

Janyasya doagunacintanmāśu muktvā, sevākatharasamaho nitarāṃ piba tva II

These verses make the transiency of the world and the immortality of God explicit.

Look! it is very foolish not to renounce the untruth on knowing the truth. This is the difference between one who is learned and a worldly person. A learned person laughs even when dying and a worldly person dies whilst living. Knowledge does not teach how to laugh; it removes the reason to cry. Similarly, ignorance does not give tears but removes the reason to laugh.

A learned person remains happy in every situation because he/she knows that whatever I have gained was never mine whilst whatever I am losing is not mine. Change is the eternal truth of this world.

A worldly person cries because he/she believes that whatever he/she has gained was his/hers and has been attained only through his/her efforts. He/she has established authority on what is being lost as his/hers. This is the cause of distress.

Do not live in foolishness. Live in knowledge so that you remain happy in every circumstance.

Day 3 -The means to attain peace

Neither will wealth remain, nor the body, nor anything else. Everything will remain here. If there is anything that is ours, then that is God. Even these breaths are not ours. They have been borrowed as loan. This is why Mirabai sang:

Mere to Giridhar Gopāl, dūsrā na koi…

Look! Understand one thing well:

God can never be lost and the world can never be gained. Hence, should you have affection towards anyone/anything, then let it be God.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that a human being who renounces all desires and conducts life without any wishes, attachments and ego, attains peace. Shrimad Bhagavat defines the greatest virtue in order to attain this peace.

Bhagavat expresses the innocent Dharma of sant (spiritual leaders/saints). Bhagavat is Dharma that leads to our well-being. Listen, understand and implement it in life. This Katha is not just for our entertainment. For me, this Katha is a means to enlighten others.

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