In the 3rd article of Chaitra month series, Pujya Bhaishri talks about maintaining love in a family.

A family must stand on the foundations of love. This makes a home into a temple. Then, you will not need to go to a temple or pilgrimage to see God. God will reside in your family in the form of happiness, peace and bliss.

When can one say that the family is based on the foundations of love? When each member of the family renounces their rights and protects the rights of others with love.

The entire family of king Dashrath existed on the foundations of love. This is why there was a huge argument on who should be the king between Lord Ram and Bharatji. However, this fight was a noble fight because it was not to seize, but to give.

Bharatji said, “I will not become the king! This wealth is yours, my Lord”.

Ramji replied,” No, father has ordered you to be the king. I am following his instructions and so should you!”

This contention has been covered in detail in Ayodhya kāṇd of Shri Ram Charit Manas. This love-filled argument was such that great persons like Vashishthaji and Janakji could not make a decision on the solution.

… to be continued next week…

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