How to perform darshan of God in a temple – days 2 and 3 Mumbai Bhagavat Katha

On days 2 and 3 of Mumbai Bhagavat Katha, Pujya Bhaishri covered the importance of satsang and how we should perform darshan of God in the temple.

The importance of Satsang and Katha

Pujya Bhaishri said that we are unable to listen to God’s Katha without satsang and without God’s Katha, we cannot be rid of worldly attachments. Further, without being rid of worldly attachments, one does not develop staunch love for Lord Ram.

Binu satsang na Hari kathā, tehi binu moha na bhāg,

Moh gae binu Rām pad hoi na dṛdh anurāg.

Meaning: Except in the company of saints there is no Katha of Shri Hari, and one cannot be rid of material attachments except through Katha. And till one’s material attachments are dispersed one cannot have deep-rooted affection at the lotus feet of Shri Rama.

In these Kathas from our Rishis, the demoniac traits have always lost in order to inspire us to get rid of demoniac traits. These Kathas thus awaken our moral intellect through which we become civil, cultured and pure. God’s Katha is said to be the medicine that liberates one from worldly afflictions, pain and downfall. Therefore, it is extremely important to listen to Katha and perform satsang.

The reason why Ved Vyasji created Bhagavat was so that people would understand the ideals lived by God through Katha, accept them and implement them in life for their welfare. The beneficial effect of Katha is not just after death but is also seen in life as it destroys the miseries caused by the body and mind, other living beings and by natural phenomena.

Gita provides us with true guidance on good and bad deeds through which one can increase the good deeds and diminish bad deeds, one becomes successful in breaking worldly attachments and becomes deserving of liberation. In addition, Katha easily provides the solutions to the issues in life.

In Skandapuran, Sutji says that one who listens to Shrimad Bhagavat Katha certainly attains darshan of God. The importance of Katha is not just limited to listening to it. Rather, one must contemplate on what has been heard with faith, reflect and implement it in life.

How to perform darshan of God in a temple

On day 3, when enlightening all on how to perform darshan of God in a temple, Pujya Bhaishri said that do not just go to a temple, close your eyes immediately and stand in front of God. Look at God for some time. Look at God from the face to the feet and back. Look at him several times.

It is not necessary that you visit five to ten temples. Visit one temple but study keenly. Eventually, when you continue to look at God with love, you will experience various things in God not just in the temple, but also in the deity in your home. Sometimes you will experience that my God today is serious, sometimes happy, sometimes as though he is being shy on our eyes meeting and so on. And when this concentration will increase then God will also begin to talk to us!

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