Humans are travellers, so how should one undertake this journey of life?

Life is an eternal journey.  You will not be successful if you do not have self-confidence.

Not only self-confidence, but also trust in God is necessary for a spiritual aspirant.  Sometimes, self-confidence gives rise to ego, which is a hindrance in achieving success.  But if one takes refuge in God, keeps faith in God and moves forward then one’s journey will be a success.  In this journey of life we should understand and act that God is with us every moment and all the time instead of believing that he is only for us and will do all the work for us.

In Gita, Shri Krishna says to Arjun, “Begin to fight.  I am accompanying you on your chariot as your charioteer but only you must fight.  I will not fight for you but I will be with you”.

If we live with the understanding that God is always with us and He gives us the strength to work hard then we will experience divinity in our life, our work will become devotion and our life will become a spiritual endeavour.

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