I start my advice to all couples. To all the wives, when your husband tells you off, laugh it off and vice versa. Initially, he will get angrier. At this time laugh even harder. Then, hold his hand, take him in front of a mirror and tell him, “Now get angry while watching yourself in the mirror”.

My advice to you: Use a similar approach when you get angry; take yourself to a mirror and get angry in front of the mirror.

My advice to children: when your father is angry or your mum and dad are quarrelling, take a video; or take them in front of a mirror and tell them to quarrel.

Do you know what will happen with you doing this? You will become a witness. This is a trick and solution for when you become very angry.  Even I had a lot of temper when I was young.

When you are angry, become a witness. How do you become a witness? At the start, stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. As soon as you become a witness, the fuel you are giving to your anger will stop. You will calm down. You won’t be able to continue being angry.

If you do not remember to stand in front of a mirror, then get your family member to remind you. If a husband is angry, your wife should take you and vice versa. If both are angry, the children should do this. You can do the same when you are suffering from lust. When you become a witness, your involvement stops.

If you get angry then do so with alertness. Do not let the anger make you unmindful. Ravan knew that Lord Ram was God. He created enmity with Lord Ram while being fully alert. He knew he would die at the hands of Lord Ram and attain liberation.

Once, a fly sat on Lord Buddha’s face. He moved his hand the fly flew away. Thereafter, Lord Buddha was upset. He moved his hand in a similar way another two to three times to get rid of the fly. His server, Anand, asked him, “The fly flew away the first time then why are you continuously moving your hand?”

Lord Buddha replied,” The first time, I did not move my hand intentionally. I was unmindful. Now I am fully alert. If I can move a fly absent­mindedly, then I am upset because that means, tomorrow I could kill someone sub-consciously. I do not want to take any action without being alert”.

Remember, a sin is always committed when you are not alert. So stay alert!

Thus, in order to overcome anger, become a witness.

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