I have a lot of bad thoughts in my mind. Can I still do good deeds? I am very confused.

You are not bad even though you might have bad thoughts.

As our scriptures say – “Ishwar anś jīv avināśi”, meaning, you are a part of God.  Your goodness is hidden.  The fact that you asked such a question means you want to do good. That is of utmost importance.

There was once a Muslim woman called Rabia.  She kept saying – “Love God”, “Love Khuda”. Somebody asked her – “Don’t you hate all that is wrong?” She said, “I don’t have time for that.  I am so involved in loving God.”

Bad and negative thoughts arise in all minds.  Concentrate on the good you want to do and bad thoughts will automatically subside.  Good thoughts will then become strong.  Just think positively.

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