If God is Everywhere, Why Can We Not See Him? Day 6 Shri Ram Krishna Bhagavat Pravāh

Beautiful Rangolis, eye-catching decorations, enthusiasm and joy by and in the people of Surat led to divine Goverdhan worship and celebrations on day 6 of Shri Ram Krishna Bhagavat Pravāh at Surat by Pujya Bhaishri.

The main topic shared by Pujya Bhaishri on day 6 was related to why we cannot see God. In addition, he explained in detail what Vasudev and Devaki mean and two things we must not quit in life.

God is continuously watching us all as we sleep, wake up, eat, work and play. He is a witness of each action and deed of ours. He is also a witness of our thoughts because he is not just seeing us from the outside, but he is also present within us. In addition, he understands our emotions. Therefore, we refer to God as omniscient. God is creator as well as a witness. So

How can God not be in front of our eyes when He is within us and outside of us? That is not possible. Wherever our eyes fall, He is there. He is pervasive. But even then, we cannot see God because all we are seeing is the material world. Let me clarify this further with an example. When you see a necklace made of gold, the fact is that you are seeing gold, but your concentration is on the design, the gold has taken as a necklace rather than the origin. So, when your focus is the design, you then begin to introduce likes and dislikes. “I like this design, I do not like the other design, etc”.

The truth is that wherever our eyesight falls, God is there, but we cannot see Him. A Sadguru does not give us God. It is not possible to lose or attain God. Why is it not possible to attain God? Because he is already acquired. What is gained is lost; this duality is constant. But God is ever attained. The question is, what are your eyes seeing – God or the material world?
What do Vasudev and Devaki mean?

God manifested on earth via Vasudev and Devaki.

Vyasji explains in Bhagavat, Vasudev means: sattvam viśuddham Vasudev śabditam, a pure mind. Devaki means a virtuous intellect. The mind and intellect are extremely important. Sometimes the brain may be dead in one, yet the person is alive because the heart is functioning. The mind will remain pure through continuous virtuous actions. We must link each action of ours with the truth and perform it as a worship to God.

Do not consider that just visiting a temple every morning and performing God’s darshan is devotion. In addition, when you go to work, the work you perform is also worship of God. Perform your actions with this emotion. This way, a person can attain emancipation. As the mind purifies through virtuous deeds, this is Vasudev.

Through satsang, the intellect will become virtuous. Dongrejibapa used to say, “You may leave other things, but be careful that you do not quit two things: virtuous actions and satsang. In the morning, perform virtuous actions for at least one to one and a half hours. In the evening, perform satsang for one to one and a half hours”. Virtuous actions and satsang must be done regularly.

Until we have not performed a virtuous deed, we do not have the right to eat anything with those same hands. Vyasji says at the beginning of the Bhagavat where the importance of Bhagavat is described that those hands that have not performed any virtuous actions are the hands of a dead body.

On Day 6, people visited Pujya Bhaishri and a tree planting ceremony was also held.

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