Is introspection/self-study important? What is introspection?

Pujya Bhaishri explains in this article: how we can introspect daily, why is this important and what do we do instead which is harmful to us?

Self – study is no longer easy as we have forgotten how to do so. Instead, we look at others and point our finger at them.

How strange! We have stopped worrying about our welfare and love our self. We spend day and night looking at others’ faults: ‘He/she is a liar, is bad, is a back-stabber etc., etc.’

People obtain happiness in seeing the faults and negatives in others as they wrongly think that this makes them better than the other person and that they are great. An ignorant person is continuously trapped in these thoughts throughout life.

One spends their entire power in finding others’ faults and therefore has no time to study oneself. This is why a person continues to stumble in life and then blames others that he/she betrayed me, was unfair to me etc. However, one forgets that this is their own mirror image of the face!

Kabir says:“I searched for the crooked one, met not a single one,
When I searched myself, I found the most crooked one”.
Look within yourself and clean and improve yourself. This is self-study. Reflect on your deeds.Should you want to see others, then see them like a bee sees pollen in a flower; meaning look at the good qualities in others and learn from them. Others’ virtues will make our life as sweet as honey.The daily habit of introspection will teach us from every single thing in the universe and make our life peaceful.

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