Is worship of other gods necessary if we have surrendered to Shri Hari?

For one who has surrendered completely to Shri Hari considering Him as everything, is it necessary to worship other demi-gods for example Shri Saumya Bhairavnāth? How can we recognise that we have or have not fully surrendered?

When we perform Yagyas, we worship many deities and call on demi-gods such as Indra, Varuṇ, Agni, and so on. The importance is of the soul, the Supreme Consciousness.

If I want to see, I will need eyes and it is also necessary that the god of eyes is present in the eyes. If the god of eyes, Surya, does not reside in the eyes, then despite having eyes, I will not be able to see. However, the eyes and the deity of eyes may be present but if the pure consciousness is absent, the eyes will be unable to see.

Thus, I need to worship the eyes. If there is a problem with the eyes, the Doctor must be visited. If there is a cataract it needs to be removed. If there is a problem with vision, then I will need glasses. This is worship of the eyes. Similarly, if I want to listen, then without the pure consciousness and the ears I cannot hear. In addition, we need to worship the god of ears, Dishā Devta. If there is something wrong with the ears they will need to be treated.

Hence, we want to continue worshipping Shri Hari exclusively. Nothing can happen without Shri Hari. The Supreme Almighty, Shri Hari, is the only creator and cause of this world as well as the universe itself. In our Vedas, there are instructions on how to worship demi-gods. With the emotion that God is present in every element of the nature, be it water, fire, sun and moon which maintain the order of creation and so on, we need to worship them.

If you have such a desire that Shri Saumya Bhairavnath can fulfil, then you can worship Him. In the second canto of Shrimad Bhagavat, there are instructions on worshipping various gods for the fulfilment of various types of desires. But it also says:

Kāmo sarva kāmovā mokśa kāmo udārdhii”,

Meaning, one who desires emancipation, should worship Shri Hari.

Hence, whichever other deities we worship, let us worship with the emotion that we are worshipping Shri Hari in those various forms. God has said,

ākāśātpatita toya yathā gachhati sāgaram sarvadeva namaskāra keśava pratigachati.

Every drop of rain from the sky, whether it falls on a mountain, in a farm or in rivers, in the end, that water unites in the ocean. An ENT Specialist treats your eyes, nose and ears. The specialist is aware that your senses are part of you and not different to you. Similarly, all these forms are of God. Worship the demi-gods to fulfil your different types of desires but ultimately, it is all worship of Shri Hari. Keep that emotion and stay at the holy feet of Shri Hari exclusively. Continue to worship Shri Hari.

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