Katha is a science on life – Day 6 Ekal Katha by Pujya Bhaishri

On day 6 of Ekal Bhagavat Katha, Pujya Bhaishri explained the meaning of Ekal, Katha and the meaning of the ocean of milk Lord Vishnu lies on.

Constant connectivity to satsang shall lead to the understanding that the Supreme Being is never absent from any place at any time. That which awakens our love towards the entire creation and culminates in a desire to serve is the gift of devotion that Bhagavat grants.

One whose love has expanded to include all of sensate and insensate creation is called a saint. Most people are able to experience love but in a limited form. The love experienced is either for themselves or for those they consider their own. A saint has expanded his individual consciousness to such an extent that he sees and loves all of the existence as his own self.

To learn, connect yourself with full dedication and faith in your Guru. Pujya Bhaishri narrated the story of the ideal disciple, Eklavya and his dedication to his Guru Dronacharya. Through his staunch faith, Eklavya was able to achieve true mastery in archery.

Guru Drona had his own limitations as to why he could not accept this excellent student and asked for his thumb as Guru Dakshinā. This was not due to casteism, as is wrongly speculated today. Rather, this highlights why a Guru must remain independent and not be dependent upon the state / Royal household. The glory of Guru Vashishta in Ramayan is not matched by the stature of Guru Drona in the Mahabharat for this reason.

One may give whatever marks they wish to Drona as a Guru, but one must give full marks to Eklavya as an ideal student for his dedication to and faith in His Guru.

The full form of the word ‘Ekalʼ being ‘Eklavyaʼ, Pujya Bhaishri commented that it would be befitting if one day we produce students of such calibre from Ekal Vidyālaya, such that, one may rise to be the Prime Minister of this nation one day!

Time is passing by, we must reject all other distractions and first achieve the goal of this life otherwise we are effectively committing suicide. This body is made of the earth. Our heart and intellect also belong to nature. God is beyond logic and thus cannot be grasped by instruments of Nature.

For as long as one’s senses are running to or from objects of indulgence, understand this mind to be entangled in the material world. Due to these materialists, the burden of sin on Mother Earth increases and then our sensually attached senses in the form of the Demi-Gods along with Mother Earth in the form of a cow seek refuge in Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu who lead them to Lord Narayan.

This inner manifestation of the Lord as Bliss in our soul is the celebration called ‘Nandotsavʼ which was the grand conclusion to the sixth day of Katha.

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