Let us engross ourselves in Shri Krishna’s makhan chori leela during this auspicious Purushottam month/Adhik Maas

Purushottam month, also known as Adhik Maas falls every 3 years and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This year, this month runs from 18th August to 16th September 2012.
Let us all take this opportunity to read and enjoy Lord Shri Krishna’s leelas. One of the famous and most enjoyable leelas of Shri Krishna is the makhan chori leela (the leela of stealing butter) in his childhood. Hence, during this auspicious month of Purushottam, we bring to you several makhan chori leela narrated by Pujya Bhaishri in his katha in a great, mesmerised way.

In his childhood days, Lord Shri Krishna and his friends created a team known as chaurya vidya prasaran (meaning, a team spreading the skills on how to steal). Shri Krishna was the president of this team, while his elder brother, Dauji Maharaj, the vice-president. This large team not only consisted children of Shri Krishna’a age, but also adults over 30 years old and the fathers of Shri Krishna’s friends. The whole began to steal butter very tactically and indeed enjoy themselves!

Seeing all this, the Gopis got together and came to complain to Maa Yashoda. Shri Krishna hid behind his mother.

The Gopis complained that Shri Krishna not only steals and eats the butter himself, but also feeds his whole team and the monkeys. He breaks the pots and frees the calves before the cows have been milked and also awakens the Gopis’ children by pinching them early in the morning when they are still fast asleep (the significance of this will be explained in the following articles). Despite all these complaints, Maa Yashoda does not believe any Gopi.

So, one Gopi decided that she will not allow any robbery in her house. She made fresh butter, filled a clay pot and hung the pot high from the ceiling in her house. The Gopi then ate puranpoli for lunch and being very delicious she had two extra puranpolis. The Gopi had a habit of having a nap after lunch. However, she was worried that the butter could be stolen while she is asleep. Thus, she cleverly filled a plate with water and covered the pot with this plate. She then moved her bed directly under the pot and went to sleep whilst holding a cane in one hand.
The message reached God regarding this Gopi and Shri Krishna decided, “Let us go and eat butter at this Gopi’s house.”

When the team arrived at the Gopi’s house, they were stunned to see her clever idea! The team of cowherds gave up and said to Shri Krishna to try elsewhere. Shri Krishna insisted that we will only eat this butter today. He closed his eyes and began to think. He then clicked his fingers and said, “Two of you, go and get a lotus from the banks of river Yamuna.” Immediately two cowherds ran and brought back many lotuses with them.

Shri Krishna took a large lotus and separated the flower from the large stem. The stem of a lotus is wide and networked inside. He smelt the lotus and threw it in his unique style. One of the cowherds caught the flower as a blessing and prasad.

Krishna looked around at his team and selected a healthy, strong boy. He said, “Dear friend, will you quietly carry me on your shoulders towards the butter-filled pot please?” The friend gladly agreed and lifted Shri Krishna on his shoulder. While the Gopi is snoring, Shri Krishna puts one end of the stem in his mouth and the other end in the plate filled with water. He sucks on the stem and siphoned out all the water silently and there, the plate was empty!

Thereafter, Kanhaiya took the plate away from the pot, brought the pot down and ran outside with the pot. Outside, the team high-fived one another and said excitedly, “You are great Kanhaiya!” Shri Krishna fed the butter to everyone, broke the pot and left.

The Gopi wakes up later that afternoon. As soon as she put her foot on the floor, she felt water. She was shocked! She got up and slipped on the water. The Gopi began affectionately thinking about how Shri Krishna must have eaten butter made by her and was lost in the love of Kanhaiya!

Watch the space for a further makhan chori leela very soon!

Jai Makhan Chor!

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