Shiv Chaitra Katha by Pujya Bhaishri begun on 27 June 2019 in Ndola, Zambia. This Katha has been organised by the family of Gitaben Ballubhai Patel.

Pujya Bhaishri began talking on the importance of maintaining our culture as follows.

Your culture is your identity. The biggest issue currently in this world is that we need to save our culture and language. Languages are becoming extinct. Globalisation has increased the use of the English language. The use of this language is greater in areas with British colonies. At such times, we also need to protect our language. It is necessary to maintain our culture. Let as protect our culture and values attentively.

Vivanāth mama nāth purārī, tribhuvan mahimā bidit tumhārī.

Meaning: O Lord of the universe, my master, slayer of the demon Tripura! Your glory is known to all three spheres.

In one way, this is a stavan (Lord Shiv’s praise). Shiv Chaitra (the story of Lord Shiv) is present in both Ramayan and Bhagavat. The main character in Ramayan is Lord Ram and in Bhagavat is Lord Krishna. Lord Shiv and Lord Vishnu are one and the same. This is why it has been said in the Bhagavat that the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu is Mahadev.

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