Learn more about the importance of Chaitra Navratri

Lord Brahmā’s creation commences from the month of Caitra so today marks the start of the new samvatsara. Prajāpati Brahmāji manifests Yagya along with human population and for our welfare, instructs all to live a Life in the spirit of Yagya. May all our lives be ‘Yagyamaya!’

Importance of Caitra?

🎊 We have considered Caitra month to be the beginning of Samvatsara (Jovian Year).

◻️ It is said that the universe created by Lord Brahmā began on the first day of Caitra month

◻️ According to Bhagavad Gītā, when Brahmāji began to create the universe, he did so along with a Yagya (sacrifice),

saha-yajñāḥ prajāḥ sṛṣṭvā
purovāca prajāpatiḥ
anena prasaviṣyadhvam
eṣa vo ’stv iṣṭa-kāma-dhuk BG 3.10

◻️ Thus, Caitra month is highly important and Brahmāji has created beings through a Yagya. A Yagya is a way of expressing gratitude.

◻️ You are living life due to the assistance and grace of many. In this, our body lasts through the five elements: sky, air, fire, water and earth, which it is made of.  

Ask Yourself these Important Questions 

❔If the earth does not exist, who will hold us? If earth will not give food which we can eat, then how will this body survive? 

❔If water will not fall, then we will not gain water to drink. Then how will our body survive? How will crops become ready? Life exists from water. 

❔If there is no light, sun and fire then how will life carry on?

Expressing Our Gratitude through Yagya

🟤 The three lokas (worlds): 

⚪ Bhuraloka (the earth), bhuvaraloka (the space between earth and sun where ancestors live) and svaraloka (area between the sun and polar star, the heaven) are important. 

In these three worlds we worship three important elements, we worship: 
🔥 fire in bhuraloka,
💨 air in bhuvaraloka,
☀️ sun in svaraloka. 

⚪ Hence, fire, wind and sun are very important demi-gods.

⚪ When we perform Yagya, we worship the fire element, give oblations to fire first by uttering ‘agñaye svāhā’, then utter, ‘vayuve svāhā (worship of wind god), sūryāya svāhā (worship of sun god),’ candramose svāhā, we give oblations to the nine planets also and so on. So, we express our gratitude to all of these through Yagya together. 

Along with Life we have been granted the means to an ideal life – Prajapati says ‘Perform Yagya!’. Deities fortified by Yagya shall uplift your life in return.You shall be called a thief if you seek to consume all that you receive from the Devatāswithout sharing their share!

What is Yagya?

🔥 There are FIVE vital principles of Sanātana Dharma that define it and the first and foremost amongst these is the principle of ‘Yagya’.

Yagya is a way of life that is unique to Sanātana Dharma, and it denotes far more than ‘a Vedic fire sacrifice to the Gods’.

At a time of a renewed sense of shared responsibility towards sustainable development, these five forms of Yagyas prescribed to be performed daily by a householder (Gṛhastha) truly bear testament to the wisdom of our Ṛṣi (spiritual scientists):

1) Deva Yagya,
2) Pitru Yagya, 
3) Bhūta Yagya, 
4) Manuṣya Yagya and 
5) Brahma Yagya.

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This way, “saha-yajñāḥ prajāḥ sṛṣṭvā” meaning, creation of subjects with the means of Yagya as per the Bhagavad Gītā.

In Caitra, because we believe it to be the beginning of the Jovian year and the creation, then if humans want to survive, refuge and assistance of many powers and people is required. Hence, we are grateful to them. Whatever we gain, we must share and consume.

Caitra Navarātrī also has great importance amidst the four Navarātrīs which have been given importance in a year: Śārdiya, Caitra and 2 Gupta Navarātrīs.

So, through the worship of energy, let us develop our energy and use this energy for seva (service to others).

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