“Shri Bhagwat Piyush panay raslampatah
Dhawanto apyayayuh sarve prathamam ye cha vaishnavah”

“The moments which we spend in satsang are truly the most fulfilling moments of our life. It is by virtue of good deeds of many births that we get to benefit from satsangs. Satsang is the only true happiness of our life and it is available only on this earth. God does dwell in the Truth, the Swarg, Kailash, Vaikuntha, etc. but His katha is available only on earth. Satsang of even a fraction of a moment destroys the sins accrued over many births and leads to True love for God. Hence the real Dharma of human beings is to do that which leads one to develop true love for God,” so said Pujya Bhaishri at the commencement of his Bhagavat katha held at Kandivali, Mumbai from 13th April to 21st April, 2005.

The katha was hosted by Shri Lohana International. The President of Shri Lohana International, Shri Trikambhai Chatwani in his inaugural address said, “Our Lohana community is extremely fortunate for this invaluable experience of hearing this divine katha from an accomplished sage like Pujya Bhaishri.” The family of Shri Talakshibhai Dalchharam Kotak was the host of this katha.

The period of this Katha coincided with Chaitra Navratra. On 18th April Shri Ram Janmotsava was celebrated in the afternoon with great zeal. During this celebration Pujya Bhaishri reminded the people that “Ramo Vigrahanva dharmah!” i.e. Lord Ram is the personification of Dharma. He also said that our life will become divine if we lead our life in the foot steps of Shri Ram. On the same night the festival of Shri Krishna Janmotsava was also celebrated with great fanfare. The family of the host had recreated a marvelous crib depicting the scene of Sri Krishna Janma. Rukmini vivaha was celebrated on the following day.

On the concluding day, 21st April, Pujya Bhaishri said: “Money is for people; people are not for the sake of money. The society in which an individual utilizes other people for money is a materialistic society. And the society in which people love each other and make appropriate use of money is a healthy and spiritual society.”


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