On days 2 and 3, Pujya Bhaishri explains the greatness of Lord Shiv and sang several bhajans captivating all.

The name Shankar leads to one’s welfare. Lord Shankar causes one’s welfare. He is

‘Karpur gauram karunāvtāra’,

Meaning, Lord Shiv is as white as camphor and the incarnation of compassion. This entire universe is the form of Lord Shiv, including the mountains, rivers, trees, animals, other beings etc. Shiv is the provider of bliss.

Pujya Bhaishri sang the bhajan ‘Śambhu śarane padi…’

The human body is a temple

The human body is a temple in which is present the essence of Lord Shiv. Just like we maintain discipline by not eating anything in a temple, similarly, we must observe the discipline of not putting anything in this body. This is because this body is a temple.

Change your perception

There is no person who is unworthy in this world, there is no vegetation that is not a medicine, there is no word that is not praise. In order to have this understanding it is necessary to change our perception and our behaviour.

Everyone joined in devotion whilst Pujya Bhaishri sang Śivoham Śivoham…’

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